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Dear Owner or Manager,

Congratulations on finding your way to this page. I want to welcome you to Magical Music Online. It is an honor and a privilege to assist you in creating unique promotions for your bar, club, lounge, restaurant or other business. In a moment, I’ll provide FREE TIPS on how to make your promotions successful. But first, did you know

“Your Competition Is
Itching For A Chance
To Put A Foot In Your

It doesn’t matter how well you know the people who work for the competition…It doesn’t matter how good or bad the economy is…If your competition has a chance to take customers away from you, what do you think they’ll do? What if I offered a proven way to explode weeknight profits for your competition? Would they share it with you?

The Good News is
YOU Can Turn the Tables on
Your Competition!

I can help you do just that! My name is Bert Lindsay. My company Magical Music has been in existence since 1984 and I’ve performed for thousands of events! Most of my special events occur over the weekend, a time when your establishment probably enjoys it’s biggest crowds…but what about Monday through Thursday? Most businesses would LOVE a way to boost foot traffic and higher profits during a slower night. Because my service experiences less demand on weeknights, I’m able to provide the same services on a weekly basis at a much lower price than what I would charge for a one-time only special event!
While it’s a common practice among entertainers to offer “off-peak” pricing, I’ve developed a system that makes my services more valuable than those entertainers that operate on a part-time or “hobbyist” basis. Once you see the results I help produce, you’ll see my services even outclass most full-time performers in the area!

Here’s what some of my previous clients have said about my unique entertainment programs…

" Magical Music began karaoke at Legends Wings & Things 7 years ago. Our sales increased 200% and helped establish Legends as a 'hot spot' for Thursday late-night entertainment. Last year, Magical Music began providing DJ services. Again, sales and customer counts doubled. It has been our experience that Magical Music and Bert Lindsay provide a service that our customers really enjoy. We highly recommend their services."

– Jody Lockaby, Brian Waters & Nicole Neubauer
Managers, Legends Wings & Things
Morganton, NC

**In all, Magical Music served Legend’s for nearly a
decade before the establishment closed in 2006.

" I would like to commend Bert Lindsay on his vast accomplishments through his work over the past three years. Since bringing Magical Music Karaoke to our store on Wednesdays, our sales have tripled! Bert and his crew have always been very professional and more than courteous to our staff and patrons; Because of this, we look forward to many more years of entertainment. We highly recommend Bert to any and all other businesses that would like to see multiplication in their sales and increase the positive atmosphere in the work area."

– Andrew Knighton
GM and the remainder of the management team at Buffalo Wild Wings
Hickory, NC

** Magical Music provided karaoke for another 3 years (normally for a capacity crowd) before new store management opted to end our association.

So why have these establishments prospered while others offering the same type of entertainment have primarily been less successful?

Judging from these testimonials, it’s apparent that Magical Music:

• brings in new customers,
• produces money-making results,
• maintains years of success (not months or weeks),
• gets patrons of your business involved and having fun!

But maybe the single most important thing, whether a business uses Magical Music or not, is the way that promotions are structured and being marketed!

As I promised, here are your FREE TIPS on how to

Make Your Promotions Successful:

• Make sure your establishment has room to grow the crowd. If your promotion is successful, does the floor space allow for a 200% increase in customers? 300%? Often, small venues are looking to push their crowds to capacity, yet will never be able to make enough profit on such an increase to justify the money spent on a promotion.

• Don’t be hasty to change a promotion too soon. On a personal note, I’ve observed the most popular venues now, took about 6 months of continual promotion before enough patrons would attend on a regular basis to pack the venue every night. In the first 6 months, you’ll have slow nights and you’ll have busier nights. The trick is sticking with the program until it becomes consistent.

• Don’t assume that the lowest price is the best value. The quality of individual performers will vary and thus, so should the price. What’s going to bring in the most people – an experienced entertainer proven to provide a great show or someone who costs less, but has little or no experience?

• How accessible is the particular entertainer? Can patrons at your establishment catch the same performer at another venue in town a couple of nights later? I actually caught a karaoke show a few years back during which the host promoted being at a different venue in town each night of the week. What inspiration does that provide to bring new customers to your venue or even to keep your current customers from going elsewhere?

• Great performers have a following. However, they are not instant miracle workers. Don’t depend on the performer alone to pack your establishment. With bands and performers having a presence on MySpace and other social networking sites, they are primed to notify their fan base of their schedule. Others that aren’t subscribed to receive such notices will never know unless your establishment ADVERTISES! Promote in-house via posters, your DJ or band or PA system. Advertise outside your business by using any means possible: newspapers, the Internet, flyers, radio, TV – even get your employees talking about upcoming promotions when they’re out at other clubs, bars, lounges or restaurants. Even the hottest-selling recording artist will play to an empty house if you don’t ADVERTISE.

• Try something tried and true. For instance, karaoke – depending on the town, you can find dozens of shows from expansive restaurant/bars to small, honky-tonks. The trick in doing something that your competition is also offering is being able to DO IT BETTER. Karaoke is being offered at numerous locations and it’s like slicing a pie 20 different ways. The more slices, the less to eat (the more karaoke, the less profit for you). However, if you DO IT BETTER than everyone else, eventually your slice of the (profit) pie will grow larger and larger as you take customers away from the competition!

• Try something new. Yes, there’s a risk…the promotion could fall flat on it’s face. But what if you are the trendsetter who is “the first” to offer a program that’s unlike any other in the area. You’ll have the competition scrambling to find something similar. Again, you have to let your customers as well as potential new customers know what you’re offering and how it’s unique. Another example…you can find trivia most anywhere. There’s computerized trivia, either a small machine at the corner of a bar or a nationwide network beamed in by satellite. Trivia can even be something as simple as a host asking questions and participants providing answers on a slip of paper. The term “trivia” is so general that everyone has their own concept.

But what if your establishment were to offer the “FACE-OFF Game Show – taking trivia to a whole new level!” Suddenly, folks realize there’s something different about this than any other trivia show in town. Here, you’ve marketed and strategically placed your establishment above the competition. But if no one knows WHY your trivia is different, then you’ll fail miserably. Again….ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE!

There you have it: a few simple tips on how to make your promotion successful.

In closing, let me make you aware of what Magical Music can offer you:

• “Tried & True” promotions: Theme-Night DJs, Karaoke, Interactive Trivia

• “Something New” promotions: Music Video Shows, FACE-OFF Game Show, Kid & Family-friendly variations of any program.

• A loyal fan base whom we market to through a variety of methods including traditional and non-traditional means.

• A competitively priced service that is offered on a county-exclusive basis on 3-month, 6-month and 12-month runs. For instance, if your establishment reserves Magical Music Karaoke, no other similar business within your county can utilize our karaoke services for the length of your commitment. If people want to see Magical Music Karaoke, they have to visit your establishment.

• A FREE, no-obligation consultation to discuss your establishment and the possible promotions that will boost foot traffic and explode your profits!

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Profit Swelling Promotion Now!

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