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Music (& Karaoke)

Magical Music has compiled one of the most impressive music collections among mobile entertainers. While our music library spans nearly 80 years (from the 1920s to the latest releases), Magical Music has focused on the “Hits”. A Magical Music DJ plays only the most popular songs from every genre.

Many of our songs are available in multiple formats. Magical Music offers: Radio-friendly edits, Dance Mixes & Remixes, Karaoke Versions and Music Videos. So no matter what type of atmosphere you want your event to project, we’ve got the party music to get the job done.

Lighting & Special Effects

Nothing packs a dance floor like having multi-colored lights moving in rhythm with great party music. Dim the room’s lights and watch a variety of colors and designs bounce, rotate and spin – the dance floor can’t contain all the action! You may have trouble fitting everybody on the dance floor as your guests thrill to the club atmosphere. Special effects include fog machines (pending venue approval), bubbles, confetti and more!

Our Lighting and Special Effects Show comes in three different configurations depending on number of guests and size of venue.

Video Presentation

See and be seen with our video presentation option. Depending on the setting, Magical Music utilizes a wide-screen projection system or LCD flat-screen TV to project music videos, ambient videos or special video presentations. Put the power of sight to work for you. Ask us how this can take your event to the next level.

FACE-OFF Game Show

America LOVES the Game Show! From “Deal or No Deal” to “Millionaire”, “Jeopardy” to “Wheel of Fortune”, you just can’t help but get caught up in the competitiveness! Magical Music’s FACE-OFF Game Show emulates popular “Feud” games. Two opponents face each other in a race to see who can score 9 points first! Our host asks the question and contestants “buzz in” with an answer they HOPE is correct. If so, they’re one point closer to winning. If not, a point is deducted. It’s not enough to have the right answer, you must have the right answer first! Join us for this fast-paced battle of wits. Questions are supplied by our host or you can customize the questions to suit your audience. Let us show you how the FACE-OFF Game Show can put the thrill of victory into your event!

Interactive Games & Contests

To quote the 80’s song by Olivia Newton-John: Let’s Get Physical! While our FACE-OFF Game Show challenges your brain, these games and contests test your physical prowess! These aren’t your typical games. With names like “the Chubby Bunny”, “Walla-Balla” and “Wango Tango”, you KNOW they have to be fun! There are many more from which to choose – ALL age-appropriate. These games will have participants AND observers laughing for hours afterwards.


Here’s where Magical Music excels above the others: our people. Our entertainers are extroverted, fun-loving, happy people-persons! They are professionals in the way they dress and interact. These guys & gals are takin’ care of business with a smile.

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